Fiberglass Window Replacements in South Shore

Fiberglass Windows in South Shore Fiberglass replacement windows are becoming more and more popular. The cost is considerably more expensive than a vinyl replacement window and comparable to a wood clad replacement window. As their popularity increases, the price will become competitive to your other options.

There are some significant benefits with a fiberglass replacement window. The fiberglass window is made the same way a boat hull is made. Making it extremely strong and durable. This makes it a good candidate for larger openings and high use applications. The insulating qualities of the fiberglass replacement window surpasses both the vinyl replacement window and the wood clad replacement window. It has the highest R-Value which will reduce your energy costs.

Fiberglass replacement windows are available in all sizes, styles and many colors. Fiberglass replacement windows can also be painted, unlike vinyl and wood clad windows. This will give you the piece of mind knowing you are not stuck with a white window for as long as you own your Massachusetts home.

Strength and Durability

  • Fiberglass, unlike vinyl, wood and metal will not warp, crack, rot or bow. It’s high tensile strength resists warping and twisting.
  • Fiberglass expands and contracts at similar rate as glass. This means there is less stress between the glass and frame which gives them a better fit, reduces air leakage and provides stability over temperature extremes. It is an extremely durable substance and will not succumb to temperature swings, moisture, structural damage or other types of abuse.
  • Fiberglass is inherently chemical-resistant: stands up to corrosive effects of salt, chemicals and atmospheric pollutants: Good for seacoast or industrial environments.
  • It has a high resistance to deterioration: resist to UV rays, moisture, rot, oxidation and rust, insects and woodpeckers.
  • The window apart from the glass will require almost zero maintenance.

Other Types of Replacement Windows

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